Menadžment tehnologije i razvoja

Početna - Management of technology and development

AHP materials

Attached you will find materials for AHP.

Preuzmi (AHP exercise.pdf)AHP - exercise[ ]47 Kb
Preuzmi (AHPengl.pdf)AHP[ ]2415 Kb

Erasmus+ Test 2 guidelines

Attached you will find the guidelines for test 2 for Erasmus+ students scheduled for 8th June.

Preuzmi (Test 2 Management of Technology and Development.pdf)Erasmus+ students test 2[ ]257 Kb

Objectives matrix materials

Attached you will find materials for Objectives matrix.
Preuzmi (Objectives Matrix.pdf)Objectives Matrix[ ]2205 Kb
Preuzmi (OMAX exercise.pdf)Objectives Matrix - exercise[ ]12 Kb

MTD - presentations Delphi method

Attached you can find the presentations from the second and third class of exercises.


MTD - results of the first test Erasmus+

Attached you will find the results from the first test for Management of technology and development. All students have passed the test. 40 is the maximal number of points, while 24 is the minimum to pass the test. 
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